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DOWNLOAD: In My Circle (2023) – Nollywood Movie

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BRITNEY(ANGEL UNIGWE) will do anything just to avoid being bullied for being poor in school but fate has other plans when her mother Monica (CHIOMA NWOSU) gets a job as a cleaner in her school and her cousin chiazoka (UCHECHI OKONKWO TREASURE ADAKIRIKIRI) gets to be admitted in the same she has to pretend to not know any of these two from Adam but unfortunately for her,her rich besties Daisy (IFEOMA NEBE) and Cora (precious Declan) found her out and had doom prepared for her!!!

How will she be able to face her school Crush Sebastian( CHIBIE OLUSAMA) and the rest of her school mates after all the lies told???? Watch out for this hilarious and yet educative piece from the stables of Adakirikiri tv!! Starring CHIOMA NWOSU,ANGEL UNIGWE,UCHECHI TREASURE OKONKWO,IFEOMA NEBE,clCHIBIE OLUSAMA,PRECIOUS DECLAN,GODSWILL AND a host of other great teen actors


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